Lavender Blue


  • 25ml Vermont Limon Botanical Spirit
  • Fitch & Leedes Blue Tonic
  • 1/4 lime slice
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 25ml lavender lemon syrup
  • lavender sprig
  • ice blocks
  • crushed ice


Mix sugar with a few drops lavender lemon simple syrup and a splash of Fitch & Leedes Blue Tonic to create lavender coloured sugar. Rub lime slice along rim of glass and turn upside down and dip rim into sugar mixture, turn to coat. In mixer filled with ice, combine Vermont Limon Botanical Spirit with lavender lemon syrup and shake. Pour into bottom of glass and add crushed ice, fill glass with Fitch & Leedes Blue Tonic, pour carefully so as not the mix colours. Garnish with sprig of lavender.


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