Our Story

About The Curious Spirit

Our story is about finding courage and living your purpose.

The Curious Spirit Story

After reaching the pinnacle with an international logistics business and decades with big demanding corporations, life became fast, dry, uncreative and unrewarding. We decided it was time follow our passions.

The Curious Spirit Story

Then it happened. On a rare vacation, on a warm and poignant Sunday morning, surrounded by endless blue water, sailing somewhere between the African coast and Madagascar a realisation it was time for exploration, creativity and change.

Curious Spirit is led by the passion to discover, elevate, distribute and grow the boutique, the premium, the distinctive...those products that needed to be found and really deserved to shared.

Now we’re on a mission. The Curious Spirit is a challenger brand with bold dreams and bigger hearts. We’re on a global pursuit for the world’s most remote, unique, tasty, unconventional, locally sourced, delicious drinks.

We find the rainmakers, we hear their stories and unpack their proudest products. Similar to our colourful hummingbird icon that symbolising ingenuity and playfulness, The Curious Spirit shares the same imaginative ambition. Because life rewards the curious, that’s our motto.

We steer towards the unknown.