Remote, unique, tasty, unconventional, locally sourced, delicious drinks — explore life to its fullest potential with these alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

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Bold dreams & big hearts – Life rewards the curious.... It always does, so be curious.....

At The Curious Spirit, we are on a quest to find the most original, innovative and delicious drinks. We have an insatiable passion for discovering new flavours that surprise even us with their creativity! Our goal is to share these treasures with you and inspire you to live your purpose.

We believe strongly in supporting local entrepreneurs who make fantastic products right here under their roof — so check out what these talented folks have going down by browsing our online liquor store’s range.

Abstinence 0% Gin

Non-Alcoholic Gins

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Passionately Crafted, One Batch at a Time.

Six Dogs

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Our fabulous range of

De-Alcoholised Sparkling Wines

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Our range of

De-Alcoholised Wines

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Scientifically Distilled Ginologist Handcrafted Small Batch 0% Gins

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to impress and delight

Are you searching for something unique and delicious to drink? Look no further than The Curious Spirit! We are an online liquor store offering a wide range of hard-to-find, remote or locally sourced, unconventional drinks that will tantalise your taste buds. From refreshing ready to drink non-alcoholic drinks to sip-worthy full-strength spirits and bodily non-alcoholic wines, we have something for everyone. And because we source our drinks from all over the world, you can be confident that you're getting the best possible quality. So why not try something new today? At the Curious Spirit, we believe we are the best online liquor store in Australia for unique and visionary non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks.

Get curious with The Curious Spirit

The Curious Spirit is your one-stop-shop for unique and hard-to-find alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Try original flavours by ordering from our online liquor store for delivery — your new favourite is just a click away.

Hosting a party? Impress your guests by hiring our bar hosting services for a drink service with a twist.

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Let's all take some time to free ourselves for a while and find refreshment in non-alcoholic beverages.

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