The Geometric Martini


  • 50-75ml Geometric Cape Dry Gin
  • 10-15ml dry white vermouth
  • Large Ice Blocks
  • Lemon Zest


Place the empty Martini glass in the freezer.  Choose large, clean ice blocks and fill them into a mixing glass.  Pour 10-15ml of dry white vermouth over the ice and stir vigorously. Strain all the melted ice and vermouth out of the glass, leaving only the solid ice.  Pour 50-75ml of cold Geometric Gin over the ice. (if you prefer a slightly fruitier martini, add 5ml of dry vermouth here).  Stir 45 times, keeping the stirring spoon close to the rim of the glass.

Leave to settle for a minute, while you peel lemon zest and rub the oils inside the frozen glass.  Stir the gin 3 more times and quickly strain into the frozen glass and serve.

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